Tuesday, June 14, 2016

News Flash - DNPW Suspends Cull Temporarily

The immediate and growing condemnation from a variety of sources has given the Department of National Parks & Wildlife (DNPW) pause for thought and they have issued an *information release stating they have temporarily suspended the culling operation while they "evaluate the matter and provide a way forward”.
This is a small and temporary victory for all those who have voiced their concern about 2000 Hippos being killed over the next five years in the Luangwa Vally and in maintaining this area as a pristine wilderness and wildlife area.

The department will now no doubt seek further proof and justification for its actions; but the fact remains, that to date no evidence has been provided of the environmental necessity, the ecological sustainability or the imminent alleged public health risk from anthrax (which interestingly was not mentioned in the release).

The DNPW chose to turn this activity into a money making exercise and the Department must now show that revenue raising is not the primary objective.

Hippo Whistler urges all interested parties to continue to lobby the decision makers to put a permanent stop to these unjustifiable killings.



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We call on the Director of DNPW,  Paul Zyambo & Tourism Minister Hon. Jean Kapata to
Stop the Hippo Hunting (Cull) in South Luangwa, Zambia.

Concerned people all over the world have already noted their outrage and concern for the 2000 hippos whose lives have been sold to Trophy Hunters by the Department of National Parks and Wildlife, Zambia.

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*The release was issued 14 June 2016 by Sakabilo Kalembwe - Zacks, Public Relations Officer of the Ministry of Tourism and Arts.